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Alzef32 Purely fuckin amazing Favorite track: Gimp Cunt.
Phil Jeffrey
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Phil Jeffrey This is so fucked up and fucking awesome Favorite track: Gimp Cunt.
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released March 11, 2016



all rights reserved


CHICKEN SKITZEL Perth, Australia

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Track Name: Raped By Apes
With human like hands they grab my scrotom from the outside
inducing the release of the contents inside

i scream for rape but nobody will listen
They assume that i had consentual sex with an ape.
Track Name: Green Eggs and Slam
Body mutilated
i will save your saluvation
all that ratchet dick you've taken
has let you to be the trash that you are

Severed limbs are certinty
thats how you open up to me
i cut you up for all to see
welcome to the buchering

Venturing between your thights
as you watch with lifeless eyes
Body twitching all that bitching
you can hear it in your cries
I Hope you question every fucking choice that you made.

roaches will crawl out your cunt
creatures with cringe at your name
i can smell that your excreting your a putrid mess
i can see the semen dripping out your cunt you filthy pest
Track Name: Gimp Cunt
Tomorrow i will drag myself out of the fucking earth,
I am destined to rain free from the rain of death,
But all of these trolls giving me this hell,
This goes out to every motherfucking kid in my way,

Straight up livin it up motherfucker
burn your face on the flame
i was sent here to destroy your souls,
My shell is relapsing this misconception of the mind,
i watch My body hemorages on the filthy essence of time.

You will be torched by the flame you lit for yourself,

You will be torched by the flame you lit for yourself,

I dont need you, i just wish you'd fucking die [x5]

You are the fucking scum il rip you like an animal,

im playing summercore its the best show you've ever heard,
I know we suck but its the best we could get

I am Gimp Cunt
i am the one
I like to feel the abuse from a bunch of kids that talk online maybee i should get off my screen,

you are dead inside
i wana fucking slay the beast in my mind
gimp cunt where we hide,
the only reason i did this was to stay relevant.
Track Name: Eon Is A Weak Dawg
Eon is a weak dawg
that much we know
Eon is a weak dawg
your a fucking weak dawg

theres so many times you talked shit on my band
motherfucker you're a faggot you are less of a man
you talking shit were writing records for all of our fans
you better hope your pedofile shoes run as fast as they can

i will mutilate you
i will reap your soul while you sleep
i will mutilate you
i will reap your soul why you sleep

you might think your top shit but your nothing to me
you are nothing but a roach trapped under my feet
you will be left in the pen with the rest of the swine
you fucking Gimp Cunt, your soul will be mine

i vough bring me solitude be there for yourself
Crotus father bring me to hell

feast your eyes on the fist's tearing down a fucking plauge
you will learn humanity will burn

and when your life is ending,
your gonna wish you had someone to depend on

you live your life in the moment,
now your gonna be left tired and alone man

when your left all alone no one left to come home to
why don't you plan out the words to say in your final moment